Published On: July 19, 2022

How Industrial Manipulators Help The Chemical Industry

The global landscape for the chemical industry has changed significantly over the past decade. Challenges like seasoned employees hanging up their boots, disrupted supply chains and new emerging competitors have pushed many companies out of complacency. And that’s despite the major impacts the economic crisis in 2020 had on the industry.

If companies plan to withstand the ongoing challenges, they will need to make changes to their operations. And while the chemical industry has traditionally been a slow adopter of new technologies, having a “wait and see” approach is no longer a viable option.

As the world continues to move towards more digital and technological operations, now is the time to explore the potential benefits of advanced technology. In this post, we’ll look at how industrial manipulators can help companies improve processes, increase efficiency and prepare better for the unpredictable.

Reduce Employee Hazards

Chemical manufacturing plants are full of potential threats to employees. Exposure to harmful substances and environments has landed the number one spot for work-related accidents, causing 36.1% of all workplace injuries. Following behind at 21.7% of all work-related accidents is overexertion resulting from excessive physical effort – both of which are very prevalent in the chemical industry.

Installing effort-saving equipment like industrial manipulators is essential in reducing risks at your chemical manufacturing plant. High-quality, custom-made equipment designed specifically for your business goes a long way in keeping workers safe without sacrificing throughput efficiency.

For instance, hand-guided manipulators can complete tasks under a worker’s control, reducing the need to move heavy products by hand. And stainless steel manipulators repel bacteria better than any other materials, keeping your employees at a safe distance to avoid contaminating products.

Increasing warehouse safety starts with using machines that are up-to-date and safer for your employees to handle, which is why industrial manipulators are becoming an increasingly popular choice in protecting current workers and alleviating the fears of potential new employees.

Increase Productivity

As the chemical industry becomes increasingly competitive and margins continue to shrink, chemical manufacturing plants are under relentless pressure to maximize production, reduce costs and find ways of recouping value lost while maintaining product quality and meeting challenging regulatory demands.

To help your facility stay ahead of the game, start by asking yourself questions like:

For many facilities, the answer to these questions leads to the same solution: adding industrial manipulators to increase productivity.

Industrial manipulators can quickly transport products such as bags, small and large drums, containers and rolls. They’re designed to lift, rotate, incline, position or transport items, boosting your production line’s efficiency and your employee’s safety.

What’s more, businesses can customize industrial manipulators to fit their facility’s needs – something especially appreciated by an industry with so many unique manufacturing processes. Customized industrial manipulators can be built to pour substances from a drum to a vat, stack and unstack products, move products to and from a conveyor belt and handle unusually shaped or bulky items.

On top of that, adding industrial manipulators will make life easier for your employees, help boost their morale at work and free up their time and energy for other tasks, leading to improved productivity and a better bottom line overall.

Get Ready for the Unpredictable

When times are difficult, some companies choose to play it safe. They cut spending on new projects and wait until the market “stabilizes” to invest in modern initiatives.

However, according to Paul Hodges, founder of New Normal Consulting and author of “Boom, Gloom and the New Normal,” the decline in petrochemical prices is indicative of demand destruction and slowdowns in major industries like automobiles, electronics, and housing, leaving it unlikely that the chemical market will stabilize any time soon, if ever.

Rather than sitting back and waiting for the storm to pass, chemical manufacturers need to become more flexible in business operations.


Start by proactively looking for ways to increase your agility so that you can respond quickly and effectively to further changes in the industry. For example, do you have staff tied up in repetitive day-to-day operations below their skill grade? By adding industrial manipulators to your business strategy to take over these repetitive movements, you can free up underutilized time and energy for your team members to take on additional tasks.

Incorporating material handlers into your operational strategy allows you to streamline processes and improve workflow efficiency so you can be ready for the unpredictable, reduce downtime and improve your bottom line, even during times of crisis.

See How Industrial Manipulators Can Help

With the growing challenges of the chemical industry not slowing down any time soon, investing in industrial manipulators can take significant physical stress off your team, optimizing their process and increasing productivity.

Industrial manipulators are best used when:

  • A product is too heavy to be moved by hand
  • Many items must be moved quickly
  • Manually moving a product puts a person at risk of injury
  • Manually carrying things that will quickly exhaust employees
  • A product must be relocated to a place that is difficult or time-consuming for a worker to reach (for example, a very tall shelf)

At Dalmec, our team is devoted to helping you find the material handling technology that best fits your chemical manufacturing facility to support your company’s growth strategy.

If you have any questions about an industrial manipulator for your business, contact us today to learn more.

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