Solutions for the Food Sector

Dalmec has produced hundreds of industrial manipulators around the world for the handling of food products like cheeses, hams, pasta packages, bottles and bottle packing, carton boxes, containers, tanks, bags and more. Dalmec’s manual lift assists represent smart and ergonomic solutions that are both safe and efficient for the user when handling food.

Dalmec bag vacuum

Common Applications

Dalmec North America Food Cheese Packaging
Ham Moulds
Dalmec North America Food Ham Moulds
Dalmec North America Food Bottles
Dalmec North America Containers
Plastic/Paper Rolls
Dalmec North America Paper and Plastic Rolls
Dalmec North America Boxes Transport
Dalmec North America Chemical Drums Food Industry
Dalmec North America Chemical Pails Food Industry
Dalmec North America Bags Transport

Stainless Steel

Dalmec’s Stainless Steel Partner Equo is ideal for handling sensitive materials in the industry. Manufactured entirely out of hygienic stainless steel, this manipulator will ensure your facility can safely and efficiently handle even the most sensitive loads.

Dalmec North America Stainless Steel Partner Equo

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