Dalmec is the world leading manufacturer of industrial manipulators

Dalmec is a flexible and specialized industrial organization that caters to the ever-increasing demands of manual handling. Today, over 50,000 Dalmec manipulators are in use throughout the world.

Dalmec manipulators are the result of elevated engineering capabilities applied to the study of production processes, and are customized according to the performance required: gripping, moving and positioning. They are designed to optimize human resources, improve work quality and increase profitability in any production or logistics chain.

Dalmec works closely with each client to conduct a functional analysis, create a 3D CAD design, study the different technical solutions available, perform simulations and create a prototype, with continuous communication and review during project development.

All processes, from design and production to final testing, are carried out exclusively by Dalmec personnel at our Italian plant, which extends over 25,000 square meters.