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Streamlining The Wood Sector: How Industrial Manipulators Can Help

There’s a very high chance that a recession is on the horizon, and manufacturers within the wood sector must start preparing for another economic shakeup.

As people were quarantined during the 2020 pandemic, they busied themselves with home improvement projects, or, with interest rates down, many invested in homes or other new properties. This put significant pressure on the wood sector as demand increased while supply chains came to a halt. This led to major delays in wood shipments, a lack of product for customers, and a 300% increase in lumber prices.

Luckily, towards the second half of 2021 and through 2022, demand and supply chain efficiency began to equilibrate. But with a potential recession, the wood manufacturing industry may not have much longer to recover.

While it’s impossible to predict another disaster like COVID-19, we can use the lessons it taught us to handle similar situations in the future. It’s time for the wood sector to invest in the tools to help keep productivity and efficiency up during future disruptions.

In the past, we’ve discussed how material handlers can be vital to several industries, including:

But today, let’s take a closer look at how manipulators can help wood manufacturers.

Lifting Flexibility

While material movers can be used for several industries, some handlers are specially designed for the wood sector. For example, Dalmec offers specialized industrial manipulators for maneuvering products that wood manufacturers store and transport the most often.

That’s where industrial manipulators come in. Industrial manipulators are machines with a rigid steel manipulator arm that allow complex pneumatic tilts and rotations – ones that are nearly impossible for wood manufacturer employees to perform quickly and safely.

Instead, a human operator controls the machine, allowing them to lift and transport heavy products precisely. This is certainly important for an industry that needs to move large products daily.

When it comes to the type of items industrial manipulators can move, the sky’s the limit – this list could include:

  • Furniture
  • Panels
  • Pallets
  • Doors
  • Door and Window Frames

And when it comes to finding a suitable machine for your business, you don’t have to be beholden to straight out-of-the-box manipulators.

Customizable Handlers

Industrial manipulators can easily be customized and programmed for the specific needs of foundries, making them inherently dynamic tools.

High-quality manipulator manufacturers will allow you to customize your machine for your business’s unique needs. Dalmec works with wood sector clients to build a lift assist device that fulfills each of their unique requirements.

Our team of experts takes every aspect of your company’s needs and process into consideration, including factors like:

  • The type of tooling you want (For example, vacuum lift, grip, magnets, etc.)
  • The materials you’re moving and their dimensions
  • What your intended use is (picking up, storing, transporting, etc.)
  • The dimensions of the spaces your manipulator will work within

From there, our experts will design a manipulator that fits your exact requirements to help your warehouse succeed.

Employee Safety

According to Liberty Mutual, workers’ compensation claims total over $2.5 billion in the United States each year. These can range from minor incidents, like broken bones, to accidents that can lead to chronic pain, like back injuries, or even fatal tragedies. Suffice it to say, manufacturers don’t need any more accidents.

To keep employees safer, wood manufacturers should equip their team with tools that will help streamline employee tasks, take physical pressure off their bodies and protect them from avoidable injuries.

Industrial manipulators, whether off the shelf or custom-made for your business, help your employees stay safer – which, among other things, dramatically reduces the chances that your business comes to a screeching halt because of injury-related absences and downtime.

Forward Thinking 

As we’ve covered above, industrial manipulators can create flexibility in how you move and store produces, offer customizable options for your unique needs and increase employee safety. And all these features come together to save your business money in the long run:

  • You’ll be spending less on machinery; instead of buying several tools for individual tasks, you can invest in one adaptable machine to perform them all.
  • You won’t have to settle for handlers that aren’t quite right for your job and work with a customized piece that will fit your needs for years to come.
  • Lastly, industrial manipulators can significantly reduce employee accidents, which means your worker’s compensation costs will be cut.

Wood manufacturers with forward-thinking attitudes are more likely to navigate a recession successfully. And with industrial manipulators, you can start streamlining your process, boosting your productivity and preparing your business for any upcoming economic obstacles.

Ready to get started? Contact the Dalmec team to learn more about our products for the wood sector.

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