Manipulator or Balancer? How to Choose the Right Machine

If your manufacturing environment needs new material handling equipment, the first step to take is to determine whether you need an industrial manipulator or a balancer. Though these two terms are sometimes used interchangeably, they serve distinct purposes.

Which machine type is best suited for your use? Review the chart below to find out which is configured to handle your material. 

Manipulator Balancer
Weight of product to be moved Up to 2,000 lbs Less than 200 lbs
How you need to move your product Up, down, tilt, rotate, etc. Up and down only
Shape of product to be moved Odd shape Standard shape
Location of center of mass of product to be moved Offset from center (weight is located on one end of the product)  Located roughly in the center of the product to be moved
Examples of products moved by the machine type Drums, wheels, tanks, etc.  Boxes, pails, small rolls, etc.


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