Warehouse Safety: How to Avoid Hazards in Your Workplace

Looking to Create a Safer Warehouse for Your Employees?

At Dalmec, we’re passionate about creating solutions that help warehouses and workers stay safe. This goes beyond simply providing high-quality industrial manipulators – we also advocate for warehouse safety in all forms.

According to the  U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, approximately 2.8 million nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses were reported by private industry employers in 2017. So many of these injuries can be avoided by taking proactive precautions to protect employees and staff from these common hazards.

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Here are our top tips for keeping your warehouse hazard-free:

Prioritize Organization

According to a 2017 Workplace Safety Index, the majority of causes of workplace injuries are slips, trips and falls. Getting a handle on warehouse organization is the first step to eliminating any unnecessary hazards that are likely to cause tripping or falling.


  • Clean Throughout The Day: It’s easy for working areas to become cluttered as the day progresses, especially if there is a lack of adequate working space or no designated areas for specific tasks. Be sure to address and correct these issues as soon as they arise, and consider implementing a warehouse management system to ensure these steps are followed.
  • Avoid Excess Inventory: Despite the industry’s recent focus on reduction, the majority of warehouses still find themselves with an excess of inventory that takes up too much space and ties up money that could be put to better use. If this sounds like your business, it may be time to invest in a lean inventory management methodology.
  • Ensure Proper Storage: Whether items are being improperly stored on shelves or products are being moved and lifted in an unsafe way, anything from slips and falls to bruises and concussions can occur when proper item storage is being overlooked.
  • Have Proper Safety Gear Ready for Use: All of your workers and employees should be wearing the appropriate protective equipment whenever they’re in the warehouse. To keep your employees safe, it’s important to ensure they have any necessary garments, as well as the correct tools to clean up any accidents.

Supply Proper Tools

Even if your warehouse is technically well-organized, that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily a safe environment for your team.

Beyond providing proper storage and workspace for your employees, it’s imperative they have high-quality, up-to-date warehouse tools that allow them to complete their job efficiently and safely. If you find yourself working with processes or warehouse machines that can’t do what you need, then it’s time for a change.

From stackers to conveyor systems, there are several styles of warehouse handling equipment that can aid your employees and keep them safer. Regardless of the job, there is absolutely an option on the market that can help.

For example, if your employees are constantly experiencing fatigue due to lifting heavy products, or you’ve had issues with workers’ compensation due to back injuries before, it may be time to provide them with an industrial manipulator.

An industrial manipulator can help your employees easily maneuver products on their own, and help:

By using a piece of machinery that requires minimal effort  to quickly and easily move products, the risk of potential injury is significantly reduced.

If you’ve looked into material handling equipment and haven’t found just the right lifting device for your specifications, it may be time to consider a custom-designed industrial manipulator. Dalmec can help create the perfect industrial manipulator for your unique needs.

Provide Employee Training

Safety training isn’t a one-and-done experience.

As technology continues to change, all employees must be consistently refreshed on safety training for their sake and the sake of other employees around them. In particular, back injuries are particularly serious and common in warehouses, making up 20% of workplace injuries, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Not only can injuries due to improper lifting techniques cost your company time and money due to workers’ compensation, but they can also potentially leave your employees injured for the rest of their lives.

Normally, warehouses can initially provide safety training once an employee is hired, but often, warehouse efficiency and productivity are prioritized over continued safety training.

To keep up with ever-changing warehouse regulations and safety training, it’s important to:

  • Keep reviewing safety precautions and preventions with your employees, even if they’re simply brief sessions.
  • Create a team dedicated to warehouse safety that will be responsiblfor creating a program that incorporates review courses and tracks your employees’ participation.
  • Make OSHA training mandatory for all employees and staff.
  • Offer other forms of training and professional development that will both ensure their safety and help propel their careers forward.
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Ready to Improve Your Warehouse’s Safety?

If you believe that an industrial manipulator would be a good solution for your warehouse, contact Dalmec today! Our material handling products are built to ensure safe, effective and efficient operation, regardless of how big or complex the job. We’d be happy to serve as a resource to help you find the perfect equipment.