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Buying an Industrial Manipulator for the First Time? Read This First

If you’re working on making your warehouse more productive, efficient and safer, you may be considering adding one or more industrial manipulators to your floor.

Industrial manipulators are excellent warehouse tools, and with a large and varied market of different styles and accessories, you’ll be able to find a manipulator that’s right for you and for your business.

But finding that right machine means research, and when researching the industry for the first time, you may come across one or more terms about a machine’s style or ability that will leave you a little confused.

Because the industry has such a unique vocabulary, many first-time buyers find themselves overwhelmed. If you can’t tell your jib cranes apart from your hydraulic lifts, how are you supposed to be able to determine what style of manipulator is the perfect fit?

What You’re Looking For, All In One Place

We know that purchasing an industrial manipulator can feel a little stressful – after all, it’s a substantial investment for the good of your business. And since we’ve seen so many clients get stuck on industry terms they didn’t know, we wanted to find a way to help make your process a little easier.

Introducing our Industrial Manipulator Glossary – all of the vocabulary and definitions you need, all in one place.

Instead of having to research each new term you see, grab our glossary and keep it handy during your purchasing process. Replace your confusion with confidence as you make an informed decision on what style of manipulator will be right for your business.

Download our glossary here:


If you have any questions about purchasing an industrial manipulator, we’d be happy to help! Contact us today so we can help you discover what a manipulator can do for your business.

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