Published On: October 12, 2021

Here’s Why Your Next Manipulator Should Be Custom Made

Whether you’re replacing your current machines or searching for your first one, you already know that industrial manipulators are a significant investment.

For good reason – a high-quality industrial manipulator will be your durable, reliable partner for up to a decade if cared for and treated correctly. They can keep your employees safer, help increase your storage opportunities and save your warehouse time and money in the long run.

When choosing your manipulator style, you have two potential options:

  • Pre-made manipulators: These are standardized machines that fit a variety of common warehouse needs.
  • Customized manipulators: These are designed specifically to fit the unique needs of your warehouse.

While the out-of-the-box manipulators may seem like the easier option, they may not be helpful for your warehouse. Not all pre-made manipulators can fit the needs of your business, which means you won’t be getting the most from your investment.

Let’s take a closer look at why a customized manipulator may be the best choice for your business:

The Issue with Out-Of-The-Box Industrial Manipulators

We understand that you may be interested in the lower sticker price of an out-of-the-box manipulator. Initially, pre-made pieces are more budget-friendly than custom pieces. But that’s the keyword – initially.

Unfortunately, many warehouse employees and leaders can quickly get frustrated with a one-size-fits-all lift assist device. That’s because pre-made manipulators are built for more general lift needs. A customized industrial manipulator will be flexible enough to work in several different areas of your warehouse.

For example, a standard machine may not be designed to reach as far or as high as a manufacturer needs it to, forcing an employee to finish the job. Yes, your expensive piece of machinery may be taking some of the manual labor and stress off your employee’s hands, but it can still cause backups or potential injuries as employees struggle to take the final steps.

Plus, many standardized manipulators cannot adapt to the changing needs of a warehouse over the years. If your production process or inventory changes, there’s a good chance your out-of-the-box manipulator won’t be able to pivot. But, as experts in your industry, you can work with manipulator experts like Dalmec to design a machine to fit not only your current needs but potential future ones as well.

The Value of Custom-Made Industrial Manipulators  

When your material handling machine is designed with your manufacturing environment in mind, you’ll know that you won’t need to compensate for shortcomings in the equipment. Plus, it will make a difference in all areas of your warehouse environment.

Your Employees Will Be Safer

Industrial manipulators are vital tools to improve the overall safety and health of your employees. Designed for your warehouse, they’ll easily take on tasks that once put physical strain on your employees, which can lead to injury or chronic health conditions. They also lessen the likelihood of accidents like tripping or products falling on your employees.

The benefits of a safer workplace don’t stop at your employees’ health. It also saves your company money in the long run-on expensive claims and losses in downtime.

Your Productivity Will Improve

Customized industrial manipulators made especially for your warehouse cut down on time that was once required for manual transporting and storing products. Now, your team can complete these tasks more quickly and increase their overall efficiency. This way, you’ll be able to fulfill more orders in less time.

You’ll Have More Storage Options

Suppose your warehouse has the height for tall storage, but your pre-made industrial manipulator can’t reach that high. In that case, you’re missing out on storage opportunities and wasting valuable floor space. A customized machine will help you reach those heights and open up your storage abilities.

How Dalmec Customizes Your Perfect Machine

At Dalmec, we’re passionate about working with you to build a lift assist device that fulfills all of your needs. Our team of experts takes every aspect of your facility and process into consideration, including factors like:

  • Your warehouse’s dimensions, including ceiling restrictions
  • The size, breadth, shape and weight of your products
  • The type of tooling you need (For example, vacuum lift, grip, magnets, etc.)
  • Your reach requirements (The distance from your point of pick to the point of placement)
  • Your vertical travel requirements (The distance vertically from your point of pick to the point of placement)

From there, our experts will design a manipulator that fits your exact requirements to help your warehouse succeed.

Ready to Build Your Custom Manipulator?

A standard manipulator may be a reasonable solution if you’re confident that the out-of-the-box solution will fit your warehouse’s needs. However, a custom-designed industrial manipulator ensures that your machine will complete your tasks correctly and work in every area of your warehouse.

Are you interested in discussing your custom industrial manipulator options with our experts? Contact us today.

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