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Falling Items: How to Decrease the Risk of Accidents

Many manufacturers are focused on ramping up production. This is designed to help them bounce back from losses during 2020 and 2021, to compete with other companies as eCommerce continues to boom and prepare for the upcoming holiday season. Unfortunately, this has led to an increase in workplace injuries as employee safety begins to be overlooked. While slips, trips and falls still lead the way in potential accidents, there are other major disasters waiting to happen that could be even more deadly. This includes items falling off shelves, pallet injuries or even worse, storage units falling on employees. Don’t put your employees or your bottom line at risk. Here’s how manufacturers can plan ahead to avoid storage and shelving accidents. Prioritize Popular Items In the past, we’ve how manufacturers should discuss with their facility leaders which picking method that works best for your company. For example: Wave Picking, which is designed so an employee can pick items to fill one order through one trip through the warehouse. Wave pickers also have [...]

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