Focus on Efficiency: Our Top 10 Most-read Blogs in 2023

Embarking on a new year, the pulse of our community echoes a resounding commitment to innovation and excellence. As we reflect on the trends that defined 2023, a commonality emerges from our most popular blogs: an unwavering pursuit of efficiency and safety within manufacturing facilities and warehouses.

In this sector, the call for resilient and forward-thinking solutions resonates louder than ever.  The discourse among manufacturing leaders centers on more than just cutting-edge technology; it extends to a holistic approach that encompasses preparedness for unforeseen challenges and a relentless focus on maximizing efficiency. The collective conversation revolves around the indispensable tools, transformative technologies, and streamlined processes that enhance operations and elevate safety standards that make facilities safe and productive.

Join us as we review the top 10 most-read blogs of the year, where we delve into the intricacies of implementing and maintaining operations that are not only safe but also remarkably effective.

What is an Industrial Manipulator?

1. What is an industrial manipulator?

First-time customers often express confusion about the various names used for “industrial manipulators,” making it challenging to identify the right product for their equipment needs.

The terminology, including pneumatic manipulators, lift assists, ergonomic manipulators, material handling equipment, jib cranes, vacuum lifts, and hydraulic arms, adds to the complexity.

If you’re considering purchasing material handling equipment, it is essential to understand each machine’s functionality and assess how it fits into existing workflows. This article provides essential insights to guide your understanding of these industrial manipulators.

Learn the Basics


2. Dynamic Storage vs. Static Storage

Previously, we’ve shared key tips for optimizing warehouse success, covering topics such as maximizing floor space, optimizing picking processes, and managing excess inventory. In this post, however, we focus on another critical aspect – your storage method.

The choice of storage method significantly impacts warehouse efficiency and productivity. Inadequate planning for product storage can lead to issues like low inventory, lost products, and employee confusion. This article explores the distinctions between dynamic and static storage, outlining their pros and cons to help you determine the right choice for your warehouse.

What Type of Storage is Best for You?


3. 4 Common Warehouse Injuries and How to Avoid Them

Even in a typical year, warehouse injuries are widespread, with manufacturing companies reporting 395,300 workplace injuries in 2019, as per Work Injury Source. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, warehouses face heightened challenges due to increased online purchases, placing a strain on efficiency. The continued surge in demand may tempt warehouses to compromise on safety measures crucial for employee well-being.

Workplace injuries pose significant risks to both employees and warehouses, incurring substantial costs and potential long-term impacts on workers. This article examines common warehouse injuries and offers preventive steps to enhance warehouse safety amid these challenges.

Avoid These Pitfalls


Lean Manufacturing

4. How to Implement Lean Manufacturing in Your Warehouse

In the fast-paced manufacturing world, warehouses are turning to lean manufacturing to boost efficiency and performance. This approach focuses on maximizing value and minimizing waste, addressing issues like poor layout and inefficient processes. By adopting lean principles, warehouses can improve productivity and gain a competitive edge. Explore the top principles for a more efficient and productive warehouse.

Look at Lean Manufacturing


Steel Coil Storage & Handling: Ensuring Efficiency and Safety

5. Steel Coil Storage & Handling

Steel coils play a vital role in numerous industries, spanning manufacturing to construction. It is imperative to store and handle these coils appropriately to uphold their quality, prevent damage, and ensure workplace safety. Adequate handling is particularly critical to preserving the coils in optimal condition and preventing defects resulting from mishandling or improper storage. This blog outlines optimal practices for both handling and storage, emphasizing considerations of efficiency and safety.

Effective Coil Storage


key topics to cover in warehouse safety training

6. Key Topics to Cover in Warehouse Safety Training

In several of our blog posts, we’ve emphasized the significance of warehouse safety. Taking proactive measures to guarantee the safety and protection of your employees on the warehouse floor is essential.

Among the recommendations we advocate is offering regular and thorough training. In today’s discussion, we delve into the specifics of what this training should encompass. What key elements should be incorporated? What aspects should not be overlooked? How can your team derive benefits from these demonstrations and discussions? Explore these questions.

Safety Training Topic Checklist


7 Questions to Ask When Choosing a WMS Dalmec

7. 7 Questions to Ask When Choosing A Warehouse Management System

In other posts, we’ve discussed the trend of warehouses investing in smart warehousing products and technologies. Our initial recommendation for this shift is to identify a suitable digital Warehouse Management System (WMS) for your facility.

The choice of a WMS can significantly impact your warehouse’s productivity, making it imperative to select the right platform for your business. To assist in this decision-making process, we suggest posing the following seven questions to WMS vendors.

The Important Questions


Disaster Recovery Plan

8. Creating Your Warehouse Disaster Recovery Plan

As the manufacturing industry increasingly embraces digital technology, the importance of creating disaster recovery plans for warehouses becomes evident. These plans involve protocols for handling IT emergencies, ranging from data breaches to weather-related incidents causing internet outages.

With manufacturing being a prime target for cyber-attacks and unplanned downtime costing up to $50 billion annually, prioritizing disaster recovery is crucial for business owners. This blog post outlines the necessary steps to establish a foolproof disaster recovery plan and emphasizes the significance of preparedness in the face of unforeseen events.

Safeguard Your Facility

How to Choose the Right Material Handling Equipment for the Job

9. How to Choose the Right Material Handling Equipment for the Job

The expanding manufacturing sector, driven in part by the surge in e-commerce during the pandemic, has led to increased demands on facilities. Business owners are adapting to these needs, resulting in a growing array of options in the industrial manipulator market. This includes various tools, units, appliances, vehicles, and accessories designed for the transportation, storage, control, and protection of products at different stages of manufacturing and distribution.

While this development and evolution offers buyers more choices, it also requires thorough vetting. To aid in the selection process, key factors to consider when purchasing an industrial manipulator are outlined for a quick, painless, and successful decision.

Make the Ideal Choice

Top 4 Safety Hazards to Avoid Dalmec

10. The Top 4 Warehouse Safety Hazards to Avoid

Warehouse safety is often compromised when overlooked circumstances lead to disastrous results or injuries. Without proper planning, training, and standards, a facility becomes an unsafe workspace, contributing to the approximately 2.8 million nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses reported by private industry employers in 2017, as per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

To ensure employee safety and avoid financial losses due to workers’ compensation and lawsuits, continuous assessment of the warehouse for potential hazards is crucial. This article highlights the top four threats to warehouse safety and provides corrective measures.

Be Aware

Final Thoughts

Part of maximizing efficiency includes investing in the right durable, high-quality equipment. At Dalmec, our industrial manipulators are designed to handle not only your materials but also the demands of a manufacturing environment. Contact us today if you’re ready to have a conversation about the ideal material handling devices for your company.


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