Common Products

  • Gripping system for pails

    Gripping system for pails

    PVF type Posivel manipulator, fixed overhead, equipped with specially shaped hook designed for palletizing pails. Characteristics PV22: Max weight capacity: 60 Kg - Max working radius: 2200 mm - Vertical lift: 1400 mm Characteristics PV26: Max weight capacity: 60 Kg - Max working radius: 2600 mm - Vertical lift: 1700 mmm

Dalmec industrial Handlers for the Food sector – Pails

Dalmec has produced hundreds of Industrial Manipulators now in use in the best industries throughout the world for the handling of cheeses, the handling of hams, the handling of pasta packages, the handling of bottles and/or their packing, the handling of carton boxes, the handling of containers, the handling of tanks, the handling of bags etc. Dalmec manual lift assists represent smart and ergonomic solutions.