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Give me a place to stand, and I will move the earth. The objectives at the start of production more than 50 years ago were perhaps not so ambitious. The key idea was to remove the weight factor from work. This innovative concept gave birth to a company, which is now a jewel of the regional and national economy: Dalmec. A successful idea, which when applied to the question of how to move goods and semi-finished products along production lines, has led to the first concept of manipulator. Making Dalmec the world leader in engineering and manufacturing of industrial manipulators.

Dalmec is the world leader in the field of Industrial Manipulators

50,000 Manipulators are in use throughout the industrialized areas of all five continents. It is an industrial organization which is at the same time both flexible and specialized, geared to cater for the ever-increasing demands in manual handling of loads. It is a totally integrated Company. All processes, from design to production to final testing are carried out exclusively by Dalmec personnel at our Cles plant, which extends over an area of 25,000 square meters, of which 14.000 are under cover.

Designed to optimize human resources in any production or logistics chain, with an immediate impact on work quality and profitability, Dalmec manipulators are the result of elevated engineering capabilities applied to the study of production processes, and are customized according to the performance required: gripping, moving and positioning. Functional analysis, 3D CAD design, study of the different technical solutions available, simulations, prototype creation are all phases in the production process that Dalmec carries out in close partnership with the client, with continuous controls and review during project development.

New applications and solutions are constantly enhancing our collective experience, which already spans over 50 years in this field.

Well-trained design staff are able to develop state-of-the-art equipment, which ensure the operators ergonomic use of the Manipulators.

Every project is developed according to the instructions given by the EC standard 2006/42 “Directive on Machinery” and after a careful and a methodical analysis of the risks.

Work stations fitted with state-of-the-art equipment.

Highly qualified technical personnel and operators.

Stock management
Computerised stores for raw materials, semi-manufactured products and components.

Designed and manufactured in the plant in Cles, Dalmec manipulators are the product of ingenious technical solutions, high-precision production processes, high-quality raw material and components allied with unmatched technical capabilities applied in accordance to the procedures and methodologies laid out in EN ISO 9001: 2008 certification.

All Dalmec manipulators, whether with rigid arm or cable, column or overhead mounted, are subject to continuous tests and checks, even after installation, to guarantee safety and durability.

Customized and designed in function of the specific movements, operations and requirements of the production processes of each individual client, Dalmec manipulators ensure the movement of loads in any direction and in a weightless condition.

Dalmec plans for the optimization of its products, with regard to ergonomics and safety in particular, by involving every phase of the manufacturing process of a Manipulator, from design to final testing up to the technical assistance and customer service.

Dalmec tests and tries out each Manipulator using advanced equipment in the specially designed plant.