Published On: June 23, 2020

How Stainless Steel Improves Your Warehouse’s Hygienic Safety

With the Coronavirus pandemic still being top of mind, the health and cleanliness of warehouses and their employees across the country remains a major concern.

Many businesses are adapting their operations to find ways to reduce the amount of contact between their teams, their products and their customers.

When looking for ways to help them do just that, there’s one solution that should not be overlooked – tools crafted out of stainless steel.

The unique hygienic properties of stainless steel could be helpful to warehouses of all industries, but especially for those in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food manufacturing industries, where cleanliness is paramount.

Here’s why it’s important to consider stainless steel as you look for ways to optimize your warehouse’s hygienic safety:

Safe Surface

Stainless steel’s benefits come from its unique chemical compound and structure. The surface of stainless steel has what is known as a “passive layer” which is technically classified as “inactive or inert.” This does not allow bacteria or other germs to penetrate the surface of stainless steel, and it’s what makes this metal so ideal for hygienic purposes.

In order to follow industry standards, equipment that routinely comes into contact with bacteria must have the right surface to easily remove that bacteria. It should also have a surface that will not retain any large amounts of germs or foreign elements.

Luckily, the finish of the steel is so microscopically smooth that bacteria can’t find anywhere to hide, allowing you to easily wipe any potential contaminants off your equipment. Whether it be bacteria like salmonella or caustic chemicals, you can be sure that your equipment is fully disinfected and safe for use. 


Thanks to the chemical property chromium oxide, created when chromium and steel are introduced to one another, stainless steel is also able to resist corrosion. This means the likelihood of your equipment being affected by rust or other performance-inhibiting events is much lower. Stainless steel can also stand up to very high and low temperatures, making it ideal for use in a wide range of environments and in dynamic conditions.

Unlike stainless steel, traditional steel is susceptible to rust over time as it is consistently exposed to oxygen. This creates dents and pits in the surface where bacteria can be trapped, causing possible sanitary problems or violations. Because stainless steel is corrosion-resistant, it doesn’t experience this “pit” feature, making it much easier to consistently keep clean.


Stainless steel can be used in equipment for a variety of different products. Because of its versatility, you can cut down on the number of machines and tools your warehouse needs, and your team won’t be overwhelmed with too many pieces of machinery to keep clean.

Regardless of industry or the products your warehouse is manufacturing, stainless steel is up to the task. Stainless steel is normally double-walled for maximum temperature retention, and it has a high impact resistance which allows it to stay strong even when moving your heaviest products.

Plus, stainless steel is also the best choice when considering your impact on the environment, as it is 100% recyclable.

Industry Standards

This metal continues to be a popular choice for warehouses because it is consistently recognized in the manufacturing industry for its particular hygienic prowess. Now more than ever, rigid industry standards for cleanliness are being enforced for warehouses all over the world, and owners aren’t willing to take any chances when it comes to the health of their team or the possibility of being shut down for failing to adhere to necessary precautions.

Stainless steel is a trusted metal that allows warehouse owners to know that their tools and equipment will almost certainly fall within regulated industry standards and keep their warehouse running cleanly and safely.

The Right Solution

Whether it be equipment that directly participates in the manufacturing of your products, or machinery built to transport your products throughout your supply chain, stainless steel equipment is the easy choice.

If you’re looking for new lifting and transporting equipment for your facility that will also increase your warehouse’s hygienic safety, our Stainless Steel Partner Equo could be the solution you need. Our stainless steel industrial manipulator is ideal for handling materials in these fields where cleanliness is essential.

This manipulator is able to lift and handle a variety of different loads, including:

  • Molds for food products
  • Pharmaceutical packages
  • Chemical barrels
  • And much more

The Stainless Steel Partner Equo will help you keep your facility safe and compliant, allowing you to efficiently and ergonomically move sensitive items where they need to go without risking contamination.

To learn more about our Partner Equo manipulator, click here

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