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How to Enhance Warehouse Employee Productivity

After several tough years for the industry, it's been difficult for manufacturers to bounce back. A pandemic caught business owners by surprise, a significant job surplus has left employees burnt out and a recession could be on the way. This has made it difficult to stay productive while maintaining a strong roster of employees and keeping them safe. Manufacturing businesses with high productivity levels will see this reflected in their bottom line — it's as simple as that. Of course, increasing productivity is no easy task, but luckily, there are tools and resources you can offer your employees to enable a much-needed boost in warehouse efficiency. Here's where to start: Step 1: Review Your Process You could be holding your employees back with manufacturing processes or facility methods that no longer serve your company. Your employees can achieve their productivity potential with consistent reviews of your operation and its performance. Start with your manufacturing process. In the past, we've covered four potential methods that your facilities can use to organize and optimize: Lean Manufacturing: Lean manufacturing works to identify and [...]

Staying Prepared: Key Manufacturing Lessons from 2022

In 2022, our most popular blogs had a common factor: proactive preparation for maintaining an efficient, sustainable and competitive manufacturing business. From leveraging technology to being prepared for almost any mishap to boosting efficiency, manufacturing leaders are talking about tools, tech and processes that are key to readiness for success. We’ve rounded up a dozen of our most-read posts from the year so you can garner those insights, refresh your memory or see something you may have missed. 1. Staying Competitive: The Technology Manufacturers Need to Leverage The manufacturing industry has faced significant challenges in the last two years. But despite these obstacles, the industry is overcoming and bouncing back. But to stay competitive during this ramp-up, manufacturers must invest in new technology and learn to use it to its full potential. Take a closer look at the tools and tech your facility needs to stay one step ahead. Take Advantage of These Tools 2. Can Enterprise Resource Planning Boost Efficiency? Technological advancements in manufacturing (think robots and industrial manipulators) are [...]

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