Find Dalmec at NPE:2018 The Plastics Show

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  Dalmec will be attending NPE2018: The Plastics Show in Orlando, Florida from May 7 to 11, and we hope to see you there! Stop by booth S10030 to learn more about how Dalmec’s one-of-a-kind industrial manipulators and material lift assist devices can make your life a whole lot easier. About NPE2018 NPE2018 is billed […]

How the right lift assist device can save your company money

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You might be looking into purchasing your first lift assist device or industrial manipulator. You might be just looking to replace an aging machine. Whatever the case, it’s critical that you consider the long-term value the right machinery can offer — and the expenses you’ll incur if you use the wrong ones. Whether you’re purchasing […]

Here’s Why Your Next Industrial Manipulator Should be Custom-Made

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It’s critical that your industrial manipulator or other lift assist device functions precisely how you need them to. After all, the safety of your employees, production speed and quality of your final product all depend on having the right tools to help get the job done correctly. You have two options when searching for your […]

Should Your Next Industrial Manipulator be Portable?

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We’re often asked whether it’s worth it to purchase a portable industrial manipulator, vacuum lifter or material handling machine. The answer? It depends on the needs of your facility. If a portable machine fills a clear production need, then these specialized manipulators might be the right fit for your facility. And looking from a cost-savings […]

What is an Industrial Manipulator?

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We frequently hear from first-time customers who are so confused by the many names used to describe “industrial manipulators” that they aren’t sure what product to be looking for when they need to add or upgrade equipment in their work environments. We can’t blame them for their confusion: pneumatic manipulators, lift assists, ergonomic manipulators, material […]

A Special Visit: Filippo Lanza Visits the Plant

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Filippo Lanza, captain of Trentino Volley, has visited our company, demonstrating a keen interest in our products. During a tour of the manufacturing departments, he met some workers who illustrated him the various stages of production, allowing him to see firsthand how the manipulators are built.

New Painting Booths

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Since the beginning of March 2015, three new painting booths are operative and replace the old plant. The new booths have a dry dust abatement system and guarantee a comfortable working environment.

Dalmec Palladium: Dalmec Group

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Una visita especial en las plantas de Dalmec por parte de los atletas del equipo Palladium-Dalmec.

Dalmec celebrates 50 years of business in Cles

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It has been 50 years since Dalmec built the first plant in Cles in Trento street. In 1964 the small productive unit settled in Cles started to pulsate and it was much larger than the original workshop in Tuenno. This anniversary has been worthily celebrated during the end-year party held on 23 December 2014.